Tobacco and Cannabis Bongs

16 Aug

A bong also called a water pipe or bubbler is a filtration gadget used for smoking cannabis, tobacco and other herbal substances. Bongs are usually small in size hence very portable, and it is made from glass or plastic. They have been used as tools for smoking for a very long time and are increasingly popular among the young people, because of their ease of use. It requires little preparation, and the joy of it is the behavior of passing it around in a group of smokers. It also allows larger amounts of smoke to be inhaled faster, unlike cigarettes where inhalations are smaller and more frequent.

Bongs tend to be a cheaper, aesthetically friendly and accessible way of smoking than using blunts or cigarettes because it can be shared among many people and still get the same effect as they would by smoking many blunts or cigar. The large amounts of smoke produced are what makes it cheaper helping smokers be moderate on their spending.

Bongs use water to cool down the smoke before someone breathes it into their throat and lungs. This cools down the herb, and also the water catches some unnecessary ash and weed particles that might, later on, turn into tar inside someone's lungs. This makes this method of smoking cannabis and tobacco far from perfect because water does not catch all the plant resins floating around in smoke, causing lung damage sometimes. Use of homemade bongs also causes greater problems because the aluminum or plastic that is used to make the bong can give off toxic fumes when heated, so it is safer to use a glass bong.

Bongs can help a newcomer ease into the experience of smoking for the first time. The bubbles the best cannabis bongs makes during inhalation makes the smoke smoother on the throat than when using a cigar. The smooth smoke from bongs does not irritate the smoker's throat because the warm water kills off any bacteria in the smoke, offering a cleaner inhalation while the cool water cools the smoke. This reduces exposure to common smoking conditions such as bronchitis when used moderately. Bongs are also suitable for casual use

It is always advisable that users clean their bongs thoroughly and regularly after use because a dirty water pipe usually cancels out the filtering effect. Users should also avoid a lot of sharing to avoid acquiring infections from others. Smokers should, therefore, take proper care of their water pipes.

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