16 Aug

Glass water pipes are known as Hookah or a bong. They are used to smoke substances such as the tobacco, cannabis and also other types of the herbs materials. The smoke after smoking either tobacco or cannabis bubbles the smoke through a chamber that is filled with water. This enables the smoker to smoke in a good manner that is quite different from how the smoker would have smoked it through these if another conventional pipe. The smoke is cooled when it passes through the water chamber thus cooling it before it reaches the inhaler lungs. It also helps to buffer the smoke for quicker inflation of that smoke. The word bong originated from a Thai word meaning a section of bamboo which has been cut off.

The following are the sections and components that are used to make  the best bongs. They contain a bowl where a lot of water is placed, and it is used to cool the hot smoke as it passes through it. A mouthpiece a place where the user places their mouth so as to inhale the smoke.The chamber where the smoke gathers fill, it to be inhaled. The base of the bong is flat, and it contains the area where the water is placed There is also another section which is the stem that goes to the base, and it is the device that holds the bowl that is used to hold the tobacco or cannabis when it is burning.

The moment the user inhales the tobacco, the mouth of the bong has to be sealed. This is beneficial since it reduces the pressure that is on in the chamber of the water pipe. This in turn then pushes the smoke via the stem and then passes it through the base which contains water and bubbles are created. The smoke finally passes into the chamber, and it is then inhaled by the smoker. When the gadget is in use, it makes a lot of noise similar to the one when he is blowing air into a glass of juice. There are those pipes which have got smaller holes on the side of the chamber that is referred as a carburetor. This part is covered to allow the smoke to fill the chamber so that when it is released, air enters into it and the smoke chamber is inhaled much quicker than when it is being smoked via the stem.

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